Number Sixteen

– The Mystical Unconscious –

Greetings from the Heretic Ranch! I am the Cowboy Heretic and I will be your docent as we trek through the corridors of mirth and mayhem, the objective and the subjective, the profound and the pointless.

My work as a consulting hypnotherapist has provided me ample opportunity for firsthand observation of the truly awesome power of the unconscious mind. Many feel their greatest potential rests in their will, mental process or conscious mind. Nothing could be more completely removed from reality.  While the mechanics of a fully functioning rational consciousness and sheer determination are, without question, force multipliers in the intricate schema of life, it is the unconscious (or as some refer to it, the subconscious) wherein resides the great measure of a person.

How many times have you vowed to break an unhealthy habit or to create a new positive one yet, in a comically brief span of time, found all your good intentions have come to naught? On the hand opposing, have you not also experienced changes that were not only ridiculously easy to implement, seeming to require “no effort at all,” that abide to this day? So what was different? In both instances you were the same person with the same determination, the same will. You knew what you wanted and possessed at least a basic idea of how to achieve it. Though perhaps an ipse dixit assertion, I shall nonetheless hypothesize that the difference lay in the fountainhead of each discrete event. The failed attempt to change likely originated and was implemented solely by the conscious mind, while the successful deed, the “effortless” endeavor if you will, came to fruition in and through the fertile fields of the unconscious prior to its realization in the realm of the physical.

What, then, is the unconscious mind? To fully quantify and qualify the unconscious is, at least for now, an impossibility. But, just as you are not required to know and understand the intricate workings of an internal combustion engine in order to pilot a car from point A to point B, there is no necessity that the blueprint of this most nebulous aspect of Self be understood to gain benefit from the considered and conscious application of its strengths.

The unconscious mind is the place of dreams. It is the locus of unfettered creativity, a portal to other dimensions, the storehouse of memory, and the land where all is possible. The unconscious is the realm of the mystical.

It is his unconscious mind which dictates whether a young man will persevere through BUD/S and its periculum of Hell Week to eventually become a U.S. Navy SEAL Team member. It is your unconscious mind which will determine success or failure in your worldly ventures. It is your unconscious which will help you to find lost objects or to create works of beauty. And, if taken for granted, it is your unconscious mind which will likely be the bedrock of your ruination.

Some might feel that the unconscious mind is, by its very nature, beyond their control and, therefore, they are subject to its every whim. This is the mindset of a victim. You are responsible for your unconscious, whether it supports your conscious efforts or impedes them. The unconscious can be fancied a voluminous repository for any and every thing and thought and affirmation or denial your conscious mind cares to deposit there. Think carefully for each thought carries with it great power to help or to hinder.

The unconscious mind is a soldier of attrition.

Navigating the mostly uncharted waters of our unconscious mind can be a harrowing experience. Thinking about thinking is something the average person would rather not think about! But communicating directly with the unconscious, as in hypnosis, can change a lifelong smoker into a nonsmoker, help a poor student become a good student, and manage chronic pain without medication; these are but a few examples.

The wealthy expect to continue in wealth while, correspondingly, the poor are certain they will persist in their poverty. The martial artist expects to break the board or the cinder block while you…well, what is it that YOU expect? Expectation that is grounded in the reality of the unconscious and catalyzed by strong emotion can be life-changing.

The topic at hand is far too vast to give it due justice in this very limited space. A good place to start? Try reading THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by Joseph Murphy.

Change your unconscious mind and you will, without a doubt, change your world.

Billy Flying Red Horse

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