Poetry From A Heretic

Our lives are a collected series of moments, snapshots of an infinitesimally small portion of Space, Time, and Being.  The Thus-ness of it all is, for most, lost in the Ignorance Of The Moment.  For some, as they travel the narrow and winding stream of their existence, they have learned to see and experience their Slices Of Now with a greater Clarity and a broader Perspective on the Fields Of Reality and Possibility.

Fortunate?-  Gifted?-  Lucky?-  Determined?-  Destined?-  There are those who know an Appreciation for Life, who recognize a greater Beauty is there for the apprehension, and that Balance and Harmony can be Chosen in all situations and circumstances.  To move in Fullness, to taste more of what is there to be tasted, to Recognize and Accept that there is always More than we can or will ever know, and to willingly do all these things from the Still Point of Harmony, Peace, Beauty, and Balance- this is something like Enlightenment, something like Freedom.

Seek not the enlightened, for theirs is not yours.  Seek Enlightenment and smile when it finds you.

Billy Flying Red Horse

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