A Continued Observance…

So, now we learn in recent news reports (as of the first week of December, 2011) that there is a surplus of gasoline here in the good ol’ US of A.  And we have excess refining capacity.  So much so that we are now exporting gasoline to places like Brazil and Argentina.  The average price of a gallon of gas here at home is still well over $3 per gallon and we’re shipping the stuff overseas.  It becomes harder and harder to buy the line that current high costs are the result of supply and demand market forces or that it all comes down to the political uncertainty in many of the oil producing Middle Eastern countries.

I’m beginning to come around to the position that we’re getting nailed to the wall just because those swinging the hammer know that they can do it.

-Link to story at the Syracuse Post-Standard web site-
-Link to story at the United Press International (UPI) web site-
-Link to story at FoxNews.com web site-
-Link to story at CNN/Money web site-

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