Okay…so NOW what?

December 21, 2012 has come and gone without the much ballyhooed Apocalypso Dance O’ Death & Destruction.  (For the record, the Chiefs NEVER foretold a single cataclysmic extinction event for humanity, the Mother Earth, or Time Itself on this date. All of that nonsensical stew was cooked up in a pot of ignorance and misrepresentation by a kitchen full of cooks better suited to deep-frying Chicken Little fast food nuggets than attempting to serve a nutritious and intelligent meal of meaning and substance. It should be noted that those predictions of doom have done far more harm than good and were the source of no small disservice to the Maya people, Present, Past, and Future.)

Well, now that all the fervor and poppycock has taken its rightful place in the ever-expanding dustbin of bogus prophecies, perhaps the real work of personal and societal transformation can begin in earnest.  All this focus on doomsday scenarios is just proof of a continued emphasis on outer and, therefore, erroneous things and thinking. No celestial deity is going to come down from on high and fix us. History has demonstrated with utmost clarity that things just do not work in that way.  We fix ourselves or we don’t get fixed at all.

The earth-shattering and life-altering changes come from within, not without.  Don’t spend time worrying needlessly about some coming Armageddon.  The course of action is simple and direct: you would do well to destroy your delusions, because they are what can truly destroy you.  In this way, Beauty Lives.

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