Easier Said Than Done


The old saw that [fill in the blank] is “easier said than done” has been around for a long, long time.  And like most saws it contains a grain of truth and there are certainly times when it is a valid sentiment.  How often, though, is the position that something is far more difficult to realize/manifest/express/accomplish than it is to describe used as a convenient excuse for failure or, worse, for not even making the attempt?  To compare the difficulty of action with the theory of the effort avails nothing.  Does it need doing?  Then DO it.  Who knows?  You may find that, at the very least, “it” is as easily done as “it” is said when you stop wasting valuable time and energy by over-thinking and procrastinating. Occasionally you may even find that “it” is easier done that said.

Life, She is like that.

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