Aging Is Inevitable…

How we age is not.  Each of us has a choice.  Choose wisely.  If you don’t make a choice, the choice will be made for you.  And that choice will likely result in a type of pain that you will eventually come to regret.

The choice is yours…


– OR –


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Grow Or Die

If you are not growing, then you are dying. This is an undeniable and inescapable Reality of Life.

Growth does not necessarily mean expansion or enlargement. Growth is a fundamental process of Life. To grow is to renew, refresh, and replace that which has outlived its usefulness with that which revitalizes. To grow is to cycle and incorporate experience, knowledge, wisdom, and substance.

If all aspects of your Self are not growing (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Expressive/Creative) then the lagging aspect is dying.

Fortunately, unless you are already dead, you are not too far gone.

– Red Horse

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Gratitude And Appreciation

These two words are often used interchangeably, which is unfortunate. To know them in their fullness we must distinguish their proper usage.

Gratitude is the feeling we have for those who bring Beauty to our Life, who give of their Time and their other resources, those things material and impalpable, sharing with us that which we would not otherwise have.

Appreciation is the feeling we have for the gifts we receive and experience during our Lives.

Gratitude is for the giver, appreciation is for the gift. Either way, we should be energetic in our expression of and for both.

– Red Horse

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Pens, gavels, money, and guns are tools. In and of themselves they are inanimate and unmoving. Each of these things are presumed by many to be objects of power. They are not. Power is a Living Thing and it is an expression of what it is to be a human being experiencing Life here on the Mother Earth; it comes from within us and can never reside in a mere tool.

How sad it is to not know one’s own power.

Many who do not know or fully appreciate their power will brandish such tools recklessly or with malice aforethought in a misguided attempt to control others or to compensate for the power they recognize, either consciously or unconsciously, to be lacking within themselves. It is far more difficult to be the master of oneself than it is to lord over and dominate another. The pages of human history are stained with the bloody ink of despots and fools who could not master themselves. There is no greater challenge than that of Self-mastery.

Claim your power and use your tools wisely.

– Red Horse

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Group Think?…

You will be far better served if your positions and views (whether political, social, spiritual or otherwise) are chosen à la carte rather than table d’hôte.  Accepting and adhering to the prevailing consensus for any given school of thought without parsing the components that make up that ideology can find you in the company of untold others who have done the exact same thing.

– Red Horse

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A person possessed of true power has no use of, or desire for, slaves.  True power embraces influence and agreement rather than coercion and oppression, rejecting the crass and brutish for the reasoned and refined.

– Red Horse

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A Mark Of Power

Those possessed of true power have learned to be comfortable with discomfort.

– Red Horse

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What Will You Do?…

If you are content with the way things are going for you, if your experience of Life is joyful and fulfilling, then keep doing what it is that you are doing in the way you are doing it.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself swathed in discontent, unhappy and pining for something more, you must first change your attitudes and then change your actions.

Happiness will not just fall on you like a meteor from the heavens.

– Red Horse

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Strong Counsel

Be relentlessly present and in the moment.  Now!

– Red Horse

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Advance Through Retreat

What is it that entices us to withdraw from the workaday world, often traveling great distances and usually at no small expense, depleting precious accrued vacation time so that we might come together with others of like mind to challenge our bodies, emotions, minds, and spirits for days on end?  What is the persistent and undeniable pull of gatherings, workshops, seminars, retreats, intensives, however you choose to class them, those events that call together folks from disparate backgrounds to share both Space and Time with one another in a sacred manner?

We gather because these special Times spent in these special Places and experienced with each other are important.

Scholarship.  Rejuvenation.  Healing.  Ceremony.  Each of these vital elements are regularly present and serve to nurture and nourish us in ways that usually far exceed the mere sum of their parts.  When we come together, we typically feel better when we depart than we did when we arrived.  This is Enchantment!

Then there is Family.  It is in our DNA to want to be with our Tribe.  We want the reassurance that there are others out there like us, those who share similar desires and struggles, hopes and dreams.  We seek the comfort found in the shared experience, in knowing that we are not in this world alone.

An aphorism heard regularly in the military and law enforcement communities says, “We do not rise to the occasion; we sink to the level of our training.”  Our shared Ceremonial Times are opportunities to increase in knowledge and glean the wisdom of teachings and teachers of the Past, and to condition ourselves to better understand the nature of the Real.  Our Coming Together is a training in its truest sense: we are shown tools and taught tactics that can help us to better know the joys of a Life worth Living.  What we learn is preparation for how to more fully savor and navigate through Times both good and bad.

Repeated exposure to the magic of Metaphysics and the metaphysics of Magic can broaden horizons touch hearts.  Individual attainment in a group environment has a character and flavor all its own.

And even in the challenges, our shared moments usually make us smile…


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Choose Wisely, Brothers…


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A Good Thought

Savor your Life.

– Red Horse

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Dignity: a mark of the refined and transcendent human. How sad it is that dignity is in such short supply.

– Red Horse

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Nothing stands alone. Everything, EVERYTHING is part of a system that is critically and intimately interconnected to some other system. It is not possible to affect one system without having impact on another.

– Red Horse

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To be courageous is to be accepting of discomfort. To be courageous is to be accepting of and comfortable with change. To be courageous is to be vulnerable. Know that it is possible to be courageous while not being brave; the two concepts are not necessarily mutually inclusive.

Be brave when you can. Be courageous always.

– Red Horse

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Fear is a poison.  It is the substance born of ignorance that creates violence and hatred and all that is vile.  Fear is self-replicating and self-fulfilling.  Fear is the great slave holder and is the prime corrupter of Joy.

Fear cannot be ignored; we are obliged always to confront it.  This is, however, not a confrontation anchored in conflict, but a confrontation that shines Light into the dark places and refuses to accept the Life that is lesser rather than the Life that is greater.

Fear has no power beyond that which we give it.  Know your fears.  Acknowledge them, then deny them the sustenance they demand.

To surrender to fear is to yield to the most inferior of energetic expressions.  We must be greater than our fears.  We must rise above them.

– Red Horse

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Craft -vs- Talent

In this nation, talent is worshiped as a blessed rarity bestowed upon only the fortunate.  It is seen as an exceptional gift which can define greatness.

Talent is grossly overrated.

What is routinely misidentified as talent is, in fact, craft.  Diligence is also mistakenly labeled as talent.  Persistence, focus, dedication, refinement, and plain hard work are usually given the short shrift while the charlatan that is talent receives all the accolades.

Talent will take you only so far.

Genuine talent of any sort truly is rare, rarer even than is commonly presumed.   But talent is, even at its very best, a seed.  And like any seed it requires fertile soil, nourishment, and the physical freedom to express its true nature.  Talent can be a start, but it is seldom ever capable of doing the heavy lifting on its own.

Endeavor is better than talent.  It is also far more consistent, predictable, and is available to everyone willing to embrace it.

Do the work.  Take pride in your craft.

– Red Horse

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The Horse On Facebook

To all those who might be interested, Billy Flying Red Horse recently joined the 21st century and started a Facebook page.  Posts there are irregular and focus mostly on keeping those who Like the page informed as to the Horse’s comings and goings, with updates about new posts here at, Red Horse teaching events, and the OCCASIONAL link to informative and topically kindred third party articles.  No “me too!” quote factories here!  Check it out and press that ubiquitous LIKE button if, in fact, you like what you see there:

 – Red Horse Facebook Page –

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Tranzending and The Four Noble Truths

TRANZENDING is about living a Life characterized by Joy, Power, and Freedom. TRANZENDING is the Zen Mind tempered with the Native (or Nature-centered) Heart, a path of Self-exploration and personal awakening that can lead to transcendence.

Several requests have been made for an examination of the more traditional teachings found in Zen. In this light, there can be nothing more traditional than the central teachings of the historical Buddha himself. A new three video series that considers the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths is now available for viewing at the Tranzending Video page. Follow the link below to learn the Zendian perspective:

-Red Horse Videos-

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Thinking Thoughts About Thinking

There is an assertion which has for decades been in the collective consciousness stating that humans utilize only a small portion (usually a range nominally anywhere between 3 and 25 percent) of our brain’s functional capacity.  Many brain researchers and neurologists have repeatedly debunked this assertion as a pure and unfounded fiction.  If the crux of the argument is based solely on the mechanics of brain matter usage then, yes, the evidence for full utilization is unassailable.  The question, however, is not one of quantity but one of quality.

The average adult is habituated to routine and annular thought, repeating patterns and perpetuating internal scripts like some Off-Broadway thespian.  Having ones internal cognitive processes locked in a self-sustaining feedback loop can be as debilitating as having a brain suffering the effects of injury or disease.  Therefore, most people DO, in fact, avail themselves of only a mere fraction of their mental (and, subsequently, physical) promise and potential.

Homework assignment: Go see the movie LUCY which is soon to be released, then return here or to the Red Horse Facebook page to discuss.

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The Insanity Continues…

And there’s not a damned thing we can do about it other than pay up:


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Loss Of Control

It is the height of delusion to presume that one has control over anything.  Anything.  Not the actions of others, not even the actions of Self.  Certainly not emotions in any form.  “Well, at least I can control what I think,” says the dedicated meditator and earnest spiritual wayfarer.  Really?  Then control your thoughts right now and don’t think about a purple elephant.  Don’t think about a terrible smell.  Don’t think about your greatest fear.

Is it my assertion, then, that we are little more than pieces on some grand celestial chessboard, moved about willy-nilly, simple victims of circumstance and chance?

Absolutely not!

Rather than being possessed of some nonexistent control, we have at our disposal something far more genuine and accessible but something which requires diligence and mindful finesse to employ effectively.  What is this mystical elixir?


We cannot control our thoughts but we can influence them.  Though we cannot control our conditions and circumstances, we can influence them.  Because the delusion of control is unreal, the verity that we have the ability to influence is, ultimately, a far more profound and efficacious capacity than some alleged faculty that is, in truth, nonexistent.  And our influence has a far greater reach than control (real or imagined) ever could.

To be effective, influence requires skill.  Effective influence requires understanding.  Effective influence requires compassion and kindness.  Effective influence requires a clear perception of things as they are and as they could be.  These requirements apply whether the influence is to be brought to bear within ourselves or in the world around us.

Influence is a noble trait worthy of a transcendent humanity.  Befriend your influence and use it wisely…

– Red Horse

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Why Utopias Fail

People have long searched for the Utopian Ideal, a harmonious community living together in peace and without conflict.  Every attempt to establish such a community has, in the long run, failed. The reason that Utopias never last? –  People must first learn to live within their own selves harmoniously in peace and without conflict.  There can be no external harmony of the community unless and until internal harmony is first established and sustained within the individual.

– Red Horse

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Is It Not Obvious?

You will find it extremely difficult to convince anyone that you are not a pyromaniac if you are constantly discovered pouring gasoline on a raging fire.

– Flying Red Horse

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After A Long, Hard Winter…

Spring!!  She is almost here!!

first signs

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