Something New!

In the effort to explore new avenues of communication regarding the things that matter most to me (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual awakening leading to transcendence, you know, Tranzending?), I have created a new page where I will post short videos that deal with all aspects of my work.  Meditation, philosophy, metaphysics, and my personal approach to health and fitness called Transcendent Aging℠, these are just some of the topics which I plan to address there in the coming months.  I recognize that your Time is valuable so my intention is to keep each video entry short and to the point.  Videos will be posted on a more or less regular basis, but you might consider following to be sure not to miss any updates.  Click on the Lotus Wheel below and come explore with me…


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The Zendian Speaks

An efficacious and rewarding Zen practice comes through the consistent utilization of procedures, not from the consistent following of recipes.

– Flying Red Horse

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A Sobering Verity

Here in our Western culture it is still a common form of punishment to send a mildly misbehaving child to sit in a corner and think about what they did wrong.  Now look where many grown adults spend 40 hours of their life 50 weeks out of the year:


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An Entrepreneur Waxes Poetic

There is Ceremony everywhere,
From the moment you rise ’til the day you disappear.
When you are gone 
The Ceremony of Life will carry on,
Life celebrating Itself.

An endless cycle of Death and Rebirth.
Reconfiguring us all in the Infinity number of atomic possibilities.
You and I will meet again in this endless flow and ebb,

Not knowing that we have met before.
On some plain with spears drawn or by some lotus flower floating in the still pool.

– Thomas DeBrun/Hong-Kong

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Lead From The Front

Never hesitate to demand more from yourself than you ask of others.  This is the mark of a true leader.  Don’t deny others the opportunity of seeing you at your very best.  And don’t rob others of the chance to give you their very best.  If you lead by example you can ask almost anything of another.  And, if you provide the stalwart example, they will likely give it to you gladly.

Lead from the front; you never know who’s watching.  And rest assured, there is always someone watching.

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You DO Know Seth Godin, Right?…

“If you don’t require the journey to be easy or comfortable or safe, you can change the world.”

– Seth Godin

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Knowing The Difference

Just because you speak forcefully does not mean you speak with authority.

– Flying Red Horse

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A Further Thought On Manners

It is significant that, lacking the anonymity of technologically-based interactions, face-to-face encounters between individuals remain, for the most part, noticeably more civil and subject to at least a modicum of dignity.  Looking someone in the eye has always had the beneficial tendency of engendering something like politeness.  So, it is noteworthy that our manners have not escaped us entirely.

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Do The Right Thing

Not because some religion says you should.
Not because your tribe would expect it.
Not because you wish to avoid bad Karma.
Not because you wish to have good Karma.
Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
That is reason enough.

– Flying Red Horse

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The Universe In One Paragraph

The Universe is composed of a single element.  That element is Energy.  Energy manifests in/by/through/as four primary aspects: Time, Space, Matter, Movement.  Any questions?

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Character does not arise spontaneously.  We create our character, moment by moment. Character is manufactured, is constructed, is determined by our choices and the actions we take in accordance with those choices.

Character can also be likened to a piece of music we compose. We determine the meter.  We determine its timbre and key.  It is we who decide whether the melody is beautiful and harmonious or harsh and dissonant.  Compose your character with every thought, every emotion, every choice.  Let it be a song of Beauty, power, and grace.

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How would this look against the wall?…

In the eyes of some employers, the only difference between the average staff member and the chair on which he sits is the fact the staffer wears a necktie and has an opinion.

Don’t be a piece of office furniture.

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A Noble Truth

“Life is too short to tolerate cheap toilet paper.”

– Flying Red Horse

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A Defining Moment

met•a•phys•ics |ˌmetəˈfiziks
plural noun [ usu. treated as sing. ]
1) the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.
2) abstract theory or talk with no basis in reality

+ + + + +

In many contemporary spiritual circles, when any variant of  the term metaphysical is used, there seems to be a whole lot of #2 implied and inferred and not much #1.  If the goal is to grow in knowledge and wisdom and to transcend the limitations imposed by our culture and our Self-ignorance, then maybe, just maybe, the ethereal feel-good aspects of #2 would be better supplanted by a healthy dose of #1.  This shuffling of priority can then lead to a base from which a genuine mysticism can emerge.

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A Koan

This very moment was 10,000 years ago.  What will you do now?

– Flying Red Horse

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Easier Said Than Done


The old saw that [fill in the blank] is “easier said than done” has been around for a long, long time.  And like most saws it contains a grain of truth and there are certainly times when it is a valid sentiment.  How often, though, is the position that something is far more difficult to realize/manifest/express/accomplish than it is to describe used as a convenient excuse for failure or, worse, for not even making the attempt?  To compare the difficulty of action with the theory of the effort avails nothing.  Does it need doing?  Then DO it.  Who knows?  You may find that, at the very least, “it” is as easily done as “it” is said when you stop wasting valuable time and energy by over-thinking and procrastinating. Occasionally you may even find that “it” is easier done that said.

Life, She is like that.

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At Peace

Peace on the meditation cushion or while in Ceremony is something we seek.  Peace must, however, be more than just the cocktail of calming and pleasing neurotransmitters flowing through our veins as the result of our sitting.  Yes, we are physical Beings and experience in the physical realm, but true, expansive and abiding peace must originate from a Stillness of emotions, mind, and spirit.  If you cannot find and maintain peace, look first beyond the physical.  Peace must always begin at the place where peace begins.

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The First Charge

No matter what you do, you will NEVER please everyone.  No matter how well you do what it is that you do, you will NEVER impress everyone.  Regardless of how pure your heart, no matter the depth of the compassion you show to other living beings, in spite of all that you would do to forward the cause of Beauty, in the eyes of much of the world you are now and always will be a miserable/inept/corrupt/unprincipled/ignorant failure.

What to do with this, then?  It is in your best interest to, with grace and dignity, learn how to acknowledge and even accept these opinions that others have about you and then continue to live your Life in such a way as to prove them all wrong.

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Zendian Poetry

Be in Beauty
Right Now
Right where you are.
There is nothing else!

– Flying Red Horse

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Why We Sit

More than sutra (Buddhist scripture) study, more than koan (Zen riddle) practice, more even than considered and compassionate application of the Four Great Vows and the Eightfold Noble Path, it is the discipline of zazen (shikantaza, that is, nothing but precisely sitting) meditation that defines much of the Zen Buddhist world at large and the Zen Earth School in particular. But why?  Why sit unmoving for extended periods in postures that can, even for seasoned practitioners, at times be uncomfortable at best or downright painful at worst?  What is the point of sitting quietly and doing nothing while staring at a wall?


Your practice should make you better.  Better spiritually, better mentally and emotionally and, yes, the occasional aching knee and/or back not withstanding, better physically.  Certainly this doesn’t occur noticeably and without fail every time you sit on the cushion.  But there should be unmistakeable and progressive benefit apparent when the cumulative effort of a month’s or a year’s or a decade’s practice is considered.  If you’re not healing, you may be doing something wrong.  If you’re not healing, you may have been taught incorrectly.  If you’re not healing, you may be practicing with a less than efficacious discipline.  And when all is said and done, if you are not healing, you are wasting your time.

If your zazen is not healing (and if healing is truly what you seek), then it is critical that you determine what is lacking in your practice. And there is absolutely no doubt that if healing is the intention, the absence thereof is a guarantee that something is missing. When prosecuted energetically, consistently, correctly, and without artificially imposed constraints of time or character, the practice never fails.  Ever.

Sit with sincerity.  Sit with regularity,  Sit as though your Life depends on it.  It may be the most important thing you do in This Present Moment.

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Time is Magic.  Time is alive.  Have you spoken with Time today?  Have you EVER spoken with Time?  Perhaps you should…

– Flying Red Horse

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Zazen Meditation In One Easy Lesson

Sit quietly, do nothing.  Repeat as needed.

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The New Normal?

The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline for the past 2 years in the U.S. (as of this writing)?  Over $3 per gallon.

The national unemployment rate for the U.S. since early 2009? Not lower than 7.8% and as high as 15%+ (depending on how the total is calculated.)

The Outstanding Public Debt as of January 6, 2013?-

$16,439,668,195, 953

(The U.S. National Debt has continued to increase at an average pace of $3.86 billion per day since September 28, 2007.)

Ever-intrusive privacy concerns.  Higher confiscatory taxation. Increased dependence by citizens the world over on government handouts. Paparazzi “journalism” and the ever-widening gap of style over substance in all things.  Crony capitalism masquerading as concern for the environment.  The continuing dominance of religion over Spirit.

And the band played on…

This is the new normal?

It makes this Zendian’s Heart weep.

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A Koan

Before you can walk through walls, you must first learn to talk with Trees.

– Flying Red Horse

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Okay…so NOW what?

December 21, 2012 has come and gone without the much ballyhooed Apocalypso Dance O’ Death & Destruction.  (For the record, the Chiefs NEVER foretold a single cataclysmic extinction event for humanity, the Mother Earth, or Time Itself on this date. All of that nonsensical stew was cooked up in a pot of ignorance and misrepresentation by a kitchen full of cooks better suited to deep-frying Chicken Little fast food nuggets than attempting to serve a nutritious and intelligent meal of meaning and substance. It should be noted that those predictions of doom have done far more harm than good and were the source of no small disservice to the Maya people, Present, Past, and Future.)

Well, now that all the fervor and poppycock has taken its rightful place in the ever-expanding dustbin of bogus prophecies, perhaps the real work of personal and societal transformation can begin in earnest.  All this focus on doomsday scenarios is just proof of a continued emphasis on outer and, therefore, erroneous things and thinking. No celestial deity is going to come down from on high and fix us. History has demonstrated with utmost clarity that things just do not work in that way.  We fix ourselves or we don’t get fixed at all.

The earth-shattering and life-altering changes come from within, not without.  Don’t spend time worrying needlessly about some coming Armageddon.  The course of action is simple and direct: you would do well to destroy your delusions, because they are what can truly destroy you.  In this way, Beauty Lives.

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