Group Think?…

You will be far better served if your positions and views (whether political, social, spiritual or otherwise) are chosen à la carte rather than table d’hôte.  Accepting and adhering to the prevailing consensus for any given school of thought without parsing the components that make up that ideology can find you in the company of untold others who have done the exact same thing.

– Red Horse

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Loss Of Control

It is the height of delusion to presume that one has control over anything.  Anything.  Not the actions of others, not even the actions of Self.  Certainly not emotions in any form.  “Well, at least I can control what I think,” says the dedicated meditator and earnest spiritual wayfarer.  Really?  Then control your thoughts right now and don’t think about a purple elephant.  Don’t think about a terrible smell.  Don’t think about your greatest fear.

Is it my assertion, then, that we are little more than pieces on some grand celestial chessboard, moved about willy-nilly, simple victims of circumstance and chance?

Absolutely not!

Rather than being possessed of some nonexistent control, we have at our disposal something far more genuine and accessible but something which requires diligence and mindful finesse to employ effectively.  What is this mystical elixir?


We cannot control our thoughts but we can influence them.  Though we cannot control our conditions and circumstances, we can influence them.  Because the delusion of control is unreal, the verity that we have the ability to influence is, ultimately, a far more profound and efficacious capacity than some alleged faculty that is, in truth, nonexistent.  And our influence has a far greater reach than control (real or imagined) ever could.

To be effective, influence requires skill.  Effective influence requires understanding.  Effective influence requires compassion and kindness.  Effective influence requires a clear perception of things as they are and as they could be.  These requirements apply whether the influence is to be brought to bear within ourselves or in the world around us.

Influence is a noble trait worthy of a transcendent humanity.  Befriend your influence and use it wisely…

– Red Horse

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