Craft -vs- Talent

In this nation, talent is worshiped as a blessed rarity bestowed upon only the fortunate.  It is seen as an exceptional gift which can define greatness.

Talent is grossly overrated.

What is routinely misidentified as talent is, in fact, craft.  Diligence is also mistakenly labeled as talent.  Persistence, focus, dedication, refinement, and plain hard work are usually given the short shrift while the charlatan that is talent receives all the accolades.

Talent will take you only so far.

Genuine talent of any sort truly is rare, rarer even than is commonly presumed.   But talent is, even at its very best, a seed.  And like any seed it requires fertile soil, nourishment, and the physical freedom to express its true nature.  Talent can be a start, but it is seldom ever capable of doing the heavy lifting on its own.

Endeavor is better than talent.  It is also far more consistent, predictable, and is available to everyone willing to embrace it.

Do the work.  Take pride in your craft.

– Red Horse

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