Thinking Thoughts About Thinking

There is an assertion which has for decades been in the collective consciousness stating that humans utilize only a small portion (usually a range nominally anywhere between 3 and 25 percent) of our brain’s functional capacity.  Many brain researchers and neurologists have repeatedly debunked this assertion as a pure and unfounded fiction.  If the crux of the argument is based solely on the mechanics of brain matter usage then, yes, the evidence for full utilization is unassailable.  The question, however, is not one of quantity but one of quality.

The average adult is habituated to routine and annular thought, repeating patterns and perpetuating internal scripts like some Off-Broadway thespian.  Having ones internal cognitive processes locked in a self-sustaining feedback loop can be as debilitating as having a brain suffering the effects of injury or disease.  Therefore, most people DO, in fact, avail themselves of only a mere fraction of their mental (and, subsequently, physical) promise and potential.

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