Reclaiming Eden – A Ceremonial Intensive


Across cultures and across traditions there exists the persistent mythological archetype of the utopian ideal, a place from which humanity unwillingly or unwittingly emerged and to which humanity hopes one day to return.

Eden, however, has never been a physical place; it is a state of existence. Eden can be found within the deepest recesses of our True Nature. Eden abides within the Transcendent Self and is accessible to everyone.

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Why Utopias Fail

People have long searched for the Utopian Ideal, a harmonious community living together in peace and without conflict.  Every attempt to establish such a community has, in the long run, failed. The reason that Utopias never last? –  People must first learn to live within their own selves harmoniously in peace and without conflict.  There can be no external harmony of the community unless and until internal harmony is first established and sustained within the individual.

– Red Horse

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